Girl Power Boxing is a company and a community offering women an intensive 8-week boxing course. During this course, all aspects of boxing will be covered but we will specifically target technique and skill. These 60-minute classes will cover all the basic techniques of boxing and will be complemented by strength and endurance exercises. ​The course is developed by Quirijn, a national boxing champion and will be led by Luc who has a lot of experience in teaching boxing as in doing matches. The classes will be taught by 2 very experienced boxers​. With their professional guidance and technical approach you will learn how to box properly and safely in just 8 weeks. As a bonus, you will develop more physical strength, ​gain muscle mass​, shred body fat and improve your core stability. Unleash your inner power whilst meeting like-minded,​ w​omen and de-stressing in the process

That’s why: Girl Power Boxing

 Do you want to build strength, slim down and go through life feeling that extra bit more powerful? Do you have a personal goal that you want to achieve this year? Choose Girl Power Boxing. ​Come train under the guidance of the ​Number 1 in boxing ​and achieve great results in just 8 weeks.


From beginner to top boxer

Learn all aspects of boxing!


Intensive guidance

The course is developed by a Dutch national boxing champion and is taught by experienced boxers.


Lose weight fast

Through intensive classes, you will slim down fast, gain more power and you will feel fit and healthier, fast.


Exclusively women in the group

Feel safe and comfortable during your workout.


To really reap the benefits, we need commitment and passion. To become a real Power Girl, you need to apply yourself completely for two months at the course, with body AND spirit. Boxing is one of the most technically advanced sports out there. It’s about stamina, reflexes, agility, speed and timing. With boxing, every muscle is targeted. Physical aspects aside, boxing is also exercise for the mind. A thinking sport. The training at Girl Power Boxing covers all bases, whatever your goal. We will give you one-on-one feedback and cater to what YOU need. We want everyone involved to be able to develop into the best version of themselves. The course will also end with an official exam and an official certificate ceremony.