Girl Power Boxing Newcastle

An intensive and fun course, specially for women!

Wanted: 25 women from Newcastle who want to learn how to box in 8 weeks!

  • From beginner to top boxer
  • Intensive guidance from experienced boxers
  • Lose extra weight fast

In 8 weeks time:

  • Slimmer & stronger
  • Fitter & more self-confident
  • More resilient & vitalised

Applications open for:








Looking for a boxing course in Newcastle?

Girl Power Boxing offers an 8-week boxing course in Newcastle specially for women. During this course, women learn all aspects of boxing within 8 weeks. The course is developed in detail by a Dutch national boxing champion and is taught by experienced and professional boxers. Through the very technical and intensive classes under the professional guidance, you will lose weight quickly, gain more power and you will feel fit and vital quickly. After 8 weeks you will have more self-confidence and you will feel more resilient.

Boxing is one of the most complete sports out there. With boxing, it’s about stamina, reflexes, agililty, speed, timing… the training is all-round: You will build up an amazing endurance and you will have to use every muscle in your body. The vision of Girl Power Boxing is that everybody is able to transcend themselves in their own way.

The boxing course in Newcastle will finish with an exam and an official certificate ceremony.

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  • Full = Full – limited number of spots available
  • Application deadline 2 March 2020
  • Start beginners course between 24 February 2020 & 6 March 2020

Slimmer & stronger

Fitter & more self-confident

More resilient & vitalised

Girl Power Boxing Newcastle

9-11 Carliol Square, newcastle upon tyme Mail us: [email protected]