Our Team

Every workout of Girl Power boxing will be given by the trainer who masters all disciplines completely. Under his professional and technical guidance, you will learn the techniques quickly. The trainer will keep track of your body to make sure you won’t get any injuries. Because working out should be fun.


I started boxing when I was Fifteen years old. I combine boxing with running and weightlifting to achieve optimal results. My last successful accomplishment in the past years was silver at the national student championships!

Due to my love for boxing, I am dedicated to pass on my knowledge and experience to others. I’ve been a trainer at the Girl Power Boxing program multiple years with a lot of enthusiasm. I always create a comfortable space for passionate women who need a place to work on themselves.
Everyone has different goals of course, so I cater to every individual and make the training as beneficial as possible for everyone. I work hard to ensure that everyone who walks into the studio leaves feeling technically advanced and satisfied after each session.

I’ve been a dedicated athlete and trainer for a long time now. Besides boxing, I also have experience playing and training people in football and lacrosse. I love working with people and seeing them learn and grow. During the Girl Power Boxing course, I will combine my knowledge of boxing with my knowledge of general fitness and wellbeing that I have acquired over the years to make sure you will get the best possible results.

My goal is to share my expertise on a personal level so that every individual is able to achieve more than they thought was possible. I want to empower women and encourage them to take part in a high intensive sport that they have maybe never considered taking part in before. I will guide you during the training sessions, give personal advice and keep track of your progression. Under my guidance, all women will get to know all the important aspects of boxing and with my personal touch, I will make sure you also achieve the goals, mental or physical, that you set for yourself.